Food Service

Deb Byrnes
Cafeteria Supervisor (330-682-9761)


Orrville Schools serve a Type A lunch  and breakfast at each of our schools. Applications for free or reduced lunches are available in each school office.  


Meal prices are:

Breakfast  - Elementary $1.00
Breakfast - Middle & High $1.25
Lunch - Elementary $2.25
Lunch - Middle & High $2.50
Milk $0.50
Reduced-Price Lunch $0.40


At the middle school and high school,  a 4-digit pin has been assigned to each student for lunch purchases. 

Students will pre-pay their lunch funds and as they go through the cafeteria line, they will use their assigned 4-digit number to deduct the amount of their purchases from the balance available.  This will also help protect the privacy of students receiving free or reduced price lunches.