Gifted Education

Amy Wilson
Gifted Coordinator

The Orrville City Schools provides gifted and talented students the opportunity to participate in courses with increased depth and rigorous educational opportunities. In addition, teachers provide differentiated curriculum in the regular classroom to challenge students. We comply with all state gifted requirements through our identification processes and service model. Students participating in the service model must meet service model identification requirements as published in the Parent Brochure.

The District offers additional opportunities outside of the classroom such as: Science Fair, County Math Competitions, and summer opportunities.

We are very excited about the program options that are offered in the Orrville City Schools and continue to strive for meeting the needs of all learners. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have additional questions about services and programs.



Gifted Identification Plan 2023-24

Gifted Services Overview 2023-24

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Parent Brochure


FAQ (inlcudes deadline to apply for 2023)