Middle School Principal's Message

"Rider Strong”

Respect, Prepare, Perform, Persist

Principals’ Message

We would like to thank the students for all of their hard work and appreciate the continual support we have received from our staff and parents this school year.  This is a good time in the school year to take some time and ask ourselves if we have been doing our best in meeting our responsibilities and being respectful of others and ourselves.   We have included testing dates for this spring.  Please put these dates on your calendar and try not to schedule any appointments on these dates.

We truly hope you have an enjoyable holiday season and if we can be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact us at school.

Mr. Sovacool, Principal

Mr. Slaughter, Dean of Students


The philosophy of Orrville Middle School centers on the belief that all students have the capacity to learn, grow and develop into knowledgeable and caring citizens of the Orrville community. Our students will be engaged in learning that is relevant, challenging and exploratory. It is our goal that our students develop socially, emotionally, and academically in a trusting and respectful environment in which family and community are actively involved. In order to achieve these goals it is necessary for the school and family to work closely with each other so that the child is successful at school. During the middle school years, our students may face many important life choices and needs the support of both home and school to make wise, healthy decisions.
The mission of the Orrville City School District, in partnership with the parents and the community, is to inspire all students to become successful and lifelong learners and to be prepared to responsibly contribute to our community and society.

All middle school students follow three basic school rules. These rules are followed in every location of the buildings. The students pride themselves on following the three R’s.

  • Respect yourself!
  • Respect others!
  • Respect property!

Go Riders!